Shipping Policy

1. We will carry goods which are property of shipper.
2. We have the right to decide the mode of carriage of the shipper’s goods by any route and procedure and by successive carriers and according to its own handling, storage and transportation mode.
3. It is all shipper’s responsibility to ensure that:

  • All shipments tendered to us for carriage are prepared and packed sufficiently to protect the contents and ensure safe transportation with ordinary care in handling.

  • Each Package within shipment should be legibly and durably marked with full name and address of both the shipper and the consignee. WE accepts no responsibility for consequence of inadequate packing or lacks of sufficient addressee information necessary to effect delivery. All required document is provided to us.

  • Knowledge and compliance of the prevailing laws, rules, regulation and procedures applicable to the carriage of this shipment is the responsibility of the shipper.

4. We shall not liable for any loss claim, cost and /or whatever damage

  • Suffered by the shipper or consignee of the agent, representative employee of the shipper of the consignee as the consequence of loss, damage, delay, mis-delivery or Non-delivery of consignment entrusted to our carriage.

  • To the shipment due to delay in accepting or delivering the shipment it is due to acts of god force majeure, occurrences.

  • caused by act fault or omission of the shipper ,the consignee or any other party who claims an interest in shipment.

  • caused by the nature of the shipment or any effect characteristics inherent vice there of including electrical or magnetic injury erase or other such damages to photographic image or recording in any manner.

  • To consignments held by enforcement authorities or any other statutory or regulatory for want of required documentation and /or payment of levels and /or contravention of laws.